Wood and Timber Export

The trade/export of timber may seem like a simple process, but in reality, it is quite a complex process, starting with the type of wood required, the origin, and FSC certification, followed up by the processing stage in direct relation to dimension and shape (sawn timber, planks or just stems) which decides how the cargo will be transported. Not at last import and export requirements play an important role in choosing your supply location.

We at Nfinitive are able to advise you not only on freight options, such as bulk carrier charter, containerized transport, and so on but also on the optimal product that fits your needs and requirements.

For more information and inquiries please contact: info@nfinitive.com

Timber planks ready for export (Vietnam)


We officially entered the oil & gas industry with our first shipment of D2 Diesel being delivered by land transportation to Huizhou, Mainland China. As we are expanding our presence in this industry we will offer a variety of services with a whole new department designated to the trade of petrochemicals and energy products. Our focus lays on unrefined crude oil (heavy and light), diesel fuels, bitumen as well as LNG and more.

If you are a supplier of oil & gas products looking to expand your business or a company looking to import petrochemical feel free to contact us.